February 14th Valentine’s Day Romantic Love or Friendship Day ?

February 14th Valentine’s Day
Romantic Love or Friendship Day ?

Friendship or Romantic Love day? It depends where you live !
In North America the Love day is for everyone!
In Europe the 14th of February is only for couples!

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During the mid-January and February in the Antique Greek and Roman Empires Fertility was celebrated. Women and Men were living together one year until the next season of Love.
Christian priests decided to change the custom and to celebrate Saint Valentine instead .He was the Patron Saint of couples.

According to the legend the Roman Emperor Claudius II, 5th Century, stopped wedding to enable soldiers' enrollment.
At that time the priest Valentine fought against this decision and decided to celebrate weddings again.
The Emperor killed him a February 14th.
Before dying Saint Valentine wrote the daughter of the jail owner a love message on a heart shape leaf.

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Since then we call this kind of message: Valentine’s!

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