Unusual French Vintage Buttons

Unusual French Vintage Buttons

I've selected below a few pictures among hundreds 
buttons with an unusual shape . 
They are all coming from my shop. 

During the 19th century and early 1900's buttons were often made of Crystal and Glass . Please find some of them in my shop with Aurora Borealis shades :


Art Deco Glass Buttons - Turquoise Blue - French 1930's - Aurora Borealis Shades Buttons -  Handmade - Couture Buttons -  Jewelry Assemblage

Art Deco Turquoise Glass Buttons

6 Art Deco Crystal French Buttons -1930's - Aurora Borealis Crystal Faceted Buttons - Clear Couture Buttons - Jewelry Assemblage

Crystal Faceted Art Deco Buttons- Aurora Borealis Shades

5 Art Deco French Buttons -1930's - Rhinestones & F aux Pearls Beaded - Silver Couture Buttons - Silver Thread Braided -Jewelry Assemblage

Art Deco Silver Braided and Rhinestones Buttons

Art Deco Bakelite Buttons- Black- Vintage 1930's Buttons- Handmade-French- Thick and Large Buttons- Conical Buttons Set of 3 Buttons

Art Deco Bakelite Buttons

French Vintage Metallic Buttons "Eiffel Tower Type" 

Vintage Celluloid 6 holes  Buttons "Dice Design"

French Vintage "Rope Design" Buttons

Vintage Copper  Buttons "Olive Squared Shape"

French Vintage Wood Square Shape Buttons 
with a backside brass eye

French Brass "Couture" Buttons With a Knot

French Rhinestone Faux Diamond Couture Buttons

Vintage Clear Flower Buttons with Petals 


French Hats from 1920's

French Hats from 1920's

During the 1920's , Art- Deco period, 
nobody would go out without a hat. 
I've found a few types of French hats for Women,  Men  
to compare with the one of a Tibetan Lady from 1922 !

French women's hats from 1920's

Tibetan woman hat from 1920's

French women's hats from 1920's

French men's hats from 1920's

Under the hats : 
women's hair clip from the 1920's !

(extracts of "EVE" newspapers from 1920's)

French Vintage Accessories, Buttons, Jewelry on :

and some handmade hats like this Victorian Style Wedding hat with an Antique Hand -Embroidered Tulle Fabric :

Please Find :

Vintage Womens Union Made Brown Velvet Turban Hat



The Wedding Brooch Made with French Buttons

The Wedding Brooch Made with French Buttons

Supplies : 
- 1 "Pearl" Button, 1 rhinestone Button, 1 small piece of ribbon, 1 big size flat Button 1,5 in. diameter to be covered, 1 fabric square 2,5 X 2,5 in. and 1 diaper pin.

-Cover the big size  Button with the fabric.
-Make a knot with the ribbon and sew it with the buttons on the covered fabric.
-Sew the diaper pin on the back side .

Your Brooch is made !

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The Recycled Doll : Lily Doll

The Recycled Doll : Lily Doll

A Doll made with Recycled Pants and Vintage French Buttons.

Supplies, you need :
*Scissors, thread, a needle, a crochet and 2 sheets of paper (8,2 x11,5 in.) to copy the pattern that you can FREE download here 


 ,a pen, stuffing padding ( cotton, rags, rice...).

*2 legs of different pants , one for the doll's body + to dress her.
I've used a vintage velvet jeans + a vintage jeans.

*2 buttons for the eyes + 1 for the nose + 1 for the mouth+ 4 for the necklace + 2 for the dress + 1 big for the ribbon + 4 small multicolored to put into the basket.

*1 ribbon.

*Wool to make the Hair.

*Raffia to knit the basket.

 Here below the major steps to follow to make the doll !

Very easy Pattern:

I've simplified the pattern to  make it 

with 1 major part only + the arms = 2 parts


Front side sewed inside out + Arms

Be careful not to sew the head to be able to stuff with padding. 
Then you'll sew the right way out by hand to close the head.

Gathered Neck and Wrists.

Wool sewed to make the Hair + Pants Leg Cut.

Dress Gathered.

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A French Buttons Nest Design

A French Buttons Nest Design

A funny display with Vintage Buttons, The Buttons Nest !

These "eggs" are real buttons with a nest design !


Make a Hippie Hat with Vintage French Buttons

Make a Hippie Hat with Vintage French Buttons

Easy and Fun ! A Sunhat customized with a vintage button and we're back in the 70's !

You need 1 sunhat + 1 vintage button + 1 shoe lace + make a flower with crochet and we're back in the Hippie Style ! 


Cord Glasses Customizing with French Buttons

Cord Glasses Customizing with French Buttons

1) Make a cord glasses with twisted wool threads.
2) Sew an elastic thread at each side of the wool cord.
3) Sew the chosen big size buttons on each side of the wool cord.
You've got a very unique and personalized glasses cord !

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The Button Clip Braid

The Button Clip Braid

Make it YOURSSS! Here is a very unique Clip for shawls and scarfs: the Button Clip Braid !

1) Take a King Size Button (over diam. 1in.),
2) Take a thick thread (coton, wool etc...),
3) Cross the thread into the button and keep 2 length at the back side,
4) Make a loose buckel knot at the back side,
5) Make a chain with crochet following the buckle knot,
6) End it by a double chain line on a few stitches backward to stop by a bigger end. 
You're done !