French Hats from 1920's

French Hats from 1920's

During the 1920's , Art- Deco period, 
nobody would go out without a hat. 
I've found a few types of French hats for Women,  Men  
to compare with the one of a Tibetan Lady from 1922 !

French women's hats from 1920's

Tibetan woman hat from 1920's

French women's hats from 1920's

French men's hats from 1920's

Under the hats : 
women's hair clip from the 1920's !

(extracts of "EVE" newspapers from 1920's)

French Vintage Accessories, Buttons, Jewelry on :

and some handmade hats like this Victorian Style Wedding hat with an Antique Hand -Embroidered Tulle Fabric :

Please Find :

Vintage Womens Union Made Brown Velvet Turban Hat


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