The Recycled Doll : Lily Doll

The Recycled Doll : Lily Doll

A Doll made with Recycled Pants and Vintage French Buttons.

Supplies, you need :
*Scissors, thread, a needle, a crochet and 2 sheets of paper (8,2 x11,5 in.) to copy the pattern that you can FREE download here 


 ,a pen, stuffing padding ( cotton, rags, rice...).

*2 legs of different pants , one for the doll's body + to dress her.
I've used a vintage velvet jeans + a vintage jeans.

*2 buttons for the eyes + 1 for the nose + 1 for the mouth+ 4 for the necklace + 2 for the dress + 1 big for the ribbon + 4 small multicolored to put into the basket.

*1 ribbon.

*Wool to make the Hair.

*Raffia to knit the basket.

 Here below the major steps to follow to make the doll !

Very easy Pattern:

I've simplified the pattern to  make it 

with 1 major part only + the arms = 2 parts


Front side sewed inside out + Arms

Be careful not to sew the head to be able to stuff with padding. 
Then you'll sew the right way out by hand to close the head.

Gathered Neck and Wrists.

Wool sewed to make the Hair + Pants Leg Cut.

Dress Gathered.

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