Christmas in French Provence

My Childhood Memories of a Noël in Provence
A Typical French Folk Traditional Meal

I can recall the memory of visiting my Grandma near Aix en Provence for Christmas I'm seeing the fireplace . This was the first place were the "ceremony" started. My grandmother  wanted the log to be to prepared and to be held by the oldest and the youngest. They had to go three times round the table before lighting it and burning it into the fire during three days.

Provence Folk Dancers

We had to put three tableclothes one onto the others. Each one for each Christmas meal. We decorated  the table with wheat and lentille grass grown on Saint Barbe (December 4th) and holly which was supposed to bring good fortune!

Lavender Fields

On the 24th before going to Church we served a light supper without meat. We had chards,fennels and fish. After returning from Mass we ate 13 desserts. The 13 sweets to be selected from were
olive oil cake named ("pompe à l'huile"), anise custard  (named "gibassier"), stuffed and simple dried fruits, dates, prunes, figs, candied fruits, fresh fruits (oranges, mandarines, pears, apples, grapes) , nougats, ("calissons"), almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, Christmas cake, sherbets and more!
And open "Santa's" presents !

Provence Vineyards

On the 25th for lunch my Grandma was toasting some bread with a mixture of anchovies, capers, boiled eggs, garlic and olive oil! DELICIOUS! Then the tradition was to cook the Christmas turkey stuffed with chestnuts . And we finally ate the leftovers for dinner.

Provence Village Antique Door

Wishing all of you very happy Christmas preparations !

Salt Water Marsh

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  1. How wonderful to take a walk with you through what reads as so enchanting a Christmas holiday as I have ever read. A beautiful and well detailed read that places me there with you and your family. Thank you for sharing this lovely read and here's to wishing you and yours a beautiful and memory filled Christmas 2014. Merry Christmas!